Sexual maturity age is between 3 and 4 years. Comparing African hyenas to Russian and North American wolves would be fairer. Nah, no way is a 3-to-1 ratio nearly enough for hyenas to ‘tear them apart’.. From what I have seen, a single hyena can intimidate a leopard off a kill. Aka/T.. AP, by all means, cite validated records of those “lone rhino’s taking out groups of lions” – ‘facts’ , Surely, they could do the same to hyenas. Now if the bear was a cub or a juvenile, maybe. If you are UNBIASED and have done PROPER research, you will agree with everything I said. The only way I can see hyenas dominating is if their clans outnumber the wolf packs. I have seen single lions in pride continually charge and several hyenas from the pack give ground. James W, Is a hyena a scavenger? Now it is not impossible for a hyena to tear a bear’s skin – just very difficult. that you have a filthier stinking mouth, When fighting, the lion normally pounces on the hyena, bites it on the neck before suffocating it to death. Thank you for playing,but once again, you strike out on 3 pitches. I liked the good old days when you ACTUALLY LINKED STUFF. Even a lion needs an occasional rescue. While lions are stronger than hyenas when outnumbered the lion won’t stand much of a chance on his or her own. Again, a buffalo does have a thicker hide than a bear, but it does not have any fur or loose skin that will prevent the hyenas jaws from harming it’s internal organs. refusal to accept correction, or actually learn, while And trust me dude, there are A LOT of animals who are disgusting, not just bears. They don’t get “fat-as” during winter. Spotted hyenas are much more likely to hunt than striped hyenas. If you have a pack of hyenas not yet strong enough to overcome a pride of female lions at a kill and the male lion shows up it is no contest. Countries where African lions can be found include but are not limited to Central African Republic, Angola, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tanzania and Botswana. James, just shut up. I stated the facts, you disputed them. They aren’t as intelligent as wolves. I did not type all of that – I got it online. here’s a current example for you.. Most males do not live for more than 12 years. Sure seems, lions are more intelligent hunters – than you.. Anyhow, bears “swipe” garbage as a preference- to get themselves, fat-as.. & even if you dropped off a full grown grizzly in the Serengeti.. It has been well documented that bears can kill moose with one paw swipe. vicious mob of ruthless hyenas.. In a matter of fact, they might be the dumbest cat in history. ..instead of spouting bear-grade garbage – at nearly every opportunity.. You’d best look up what the scientists who examine the historical record.. A similar case was recorded by ‘El Jefe’ one of the few jags noted in CONUS, In the three of four videos, I have seen he is never contested but they all disperse like a bat out of hell. I ‘d still be satified with decking you.. see how that works.. kid.. Now.. can you try & get it.. at last.. the priority for the lion – is to eat.. However, even grizzly bears would have real trouble hacking life in that context, for sure.. But if 10 or 12 hyenas attack in all directions, lion has no chance. You prefaced the vote by saying a african lion vs. a large group of hyenas. ‘tall stories told to impress children’ & lack veracity.. if it were true, then just like ..that it sometimes seems you do it deliberately as a troll, just like rob does.. LINK IT! is something you don´t want to piss off. The African plains were far too tough a place for the bear to survive in.. You need to specify the number of hyenas. Hyenas outnumber lions and use their larger populations to compete with lions for food. It’s giving me Lion King flashbacks…. But a full grown one? In fact, the Mexican cowboys of the old west considered it sport to use their lariat skills Female lions (lionesses) need to hunt and reluctant to risk injury. see: When the male shows up, even if outnumbered, it can grab the easiest hyena, bite it and move on to the next. Where, when, & what wolves were involved? they are rank amateurs.. fact.. ..its time you took your dumb-as “opinion” off & washed the crap out it.. I”VE BEEN PROVED WRONG?! Nevertheless, the huge male lion runs down 3 that hung around too long. They have been evolved to eat specific species, so that it will stabilize the nature. James W, 3) Also, if lions can persecute hyenas/leopards/wild dogs, bears can do the same. So – you won’t wnt to see them, of course.. L.O.L.. Look up the vid which shows the boss lion.. effectively intimidate the whole mob of hyenas.. Apey.. Lifespan in the wilderness is about 12 years while in captivity they can live for up to 25 years. Social animals that live in groups. If you talking about a whole pride vs. a whole pack, it’s all about numbers. Some people say that gorillas are stronger than chimps and chimps are 4-6 times stronger than humans, therefore gorillas are much stronger than humans. 1) They are fights from captivity. They can surely chase a hyena for long distances. generally being superficial populist tripe If it’s a larger pride of 20+ lions vs a large pack of 50-70+ hyenas. & grab a huge meal – since even a 1/2 grown elephant.. While they do not have a preference for certain prey, more common prey includes wildebeest and and zebra. In the video I have watched it takes at least 3 hyenae to chase off 1 female lion. Bears surely do disgrace themselves, Apey.. MacDonaldson was observing the movements of a Grizzly bear when a moose walked into the same space. You need to understand that a Grizzly bear would destroy a lion. There was a big marsh in the crater and we could hear lions growling and hyenas cackling(or whatever it is they do.) These bashed over hynea , if they recover, for sure, never want Hyenas are respectful of female Hyenas but know when the odds shift in their favour (4 Hyenas will typically dominate a single Lioness. Though looking more like dogs, their genetic composition is closer to cats than dogs. They are about the same. but a shrieking mob of ’em – would def’ tear a fat-as bear & wrong about them not being able to go head-to-head with buffalo.. If hyenas still existed where the larger wolf sub-species live, A pride of lions can have as many as 40 members consisting of about 3 mature males, several females and cubs. killing.. ..must bow before the reality.. of who rules.. as.. Cats are generally your best fighters because of their superior quickness and athleticism. Calling them “fat-as dumpster divers” does not make your arguments stronger…. & is too slow to escape hyenas, introduced to North America, your “beloved” fat-as brownies would be To the best of my knowledge, bears went extinct from Africa due to habitat destruction and poaching…. Because though size wise Elephant might seem strong, lion being a smaller animal is no way less. From studies, hyenas have a stronger jaw than lions; they can crush a human skull in minutes. Is hyena stronger than lion? wrong again, kid.. the lion’s prey list.. they cannot make a hyenas are more likely to roam in large packs, so together they are definetely stronger than 1 lion. Hilarious! I am aware of the fact that bear claws can make marks in trees branches and other hard places. “..Due to being…” Check the research which compares the fatalty outcome ratios of attacks on humans They don’t think that they are in huge numbers and can attack the lion. In the meantime these the bachelor guy lions basically thug around, taking down real big prey, A male Lion could probably handle 10 to 15 Hyenas, while a Lioness could handle about 5 to 8. of large animals, as the awful death of that bloody fool in Alaska, so Don’t let James twist your argument. 4 or 5 50-50. The only thing the wolf has in advantage is probably their thick fur. & you Tony – were right there.. being such a typical dumb-as, cheeky brat.. Jeeze kid.. Also, during the California gold rush, it was well documented that one paw swipe from a grizzly can break a buffalo’s back. Oh no, not another lion fanboy! AKA/Dumbest.. Bears can hunt for themselves – not just fish, but large animals like Moose and Bison. but none of them compete with spotted hyena in Africa.. Lions wiped out the bears in Africa.. You say everyone is a fanboy, and proceed to blindly say that a lion can beat everything. The vast majority of videos on youtube show that it takes a huge clan of hyenas to take down a lone buffalo. Wrong again kid.. Some people say that gorillas are stronger than chimps and chimps are 4-6 times stronger than humans, therefore gorillas are much stronger than humans. Regardless, of his might, there must be a sheer number that overcomes his dominance. Sometimes several hyenas attack a solitary lion and therefore overpowering the lion. Male lions do regularly hunt the real big prey herds.. It cites no references to back up the “40mph” assertion, which is meant as a ‘warning notice’ But you need to take several things in to consideration. One on one, even a Lioness could take out a large female Hyena (female Hyenas are stronger than males). Hyenas are aggressive scavengers, but in a fight, lions have the upper hand when you consider their strength. But it surely hasn’t been.. has it.. so I call BS.. ’til it does.. * So their horses must have been quicker, faster & more agile – than the grizz, right? Who will win the fight between African Lion and big group of Hyenas? An exception needs to be made for the hyena since the female is larger. Female hyenas are larger, stronger and fiercer than males, and thus hold higher rank and are more frequently pack leaders. destabilises the mob, so they all flee.. You are right – a bear’s roar is not as intimidating to a hyena as a lion’s…, “But a lone bear “standing up” will only invite/incite the mob to surround & harry him, & see what cougar claws can also do.. James W, The African lion is a powerful creature with amazing aerodynamic moves that make it impossible to be waylaid by hyenas. I have seen the two in confrontations but have never seen a full fight. hyenas/leopards/wild dogs, nor can they #2. No predator on earth endures what lions endure during their life. Answer. so they for sure, wouldn’t be fazed by a lard-arsed bear.. he’s toast.. Grizzlies are taken down by determined wolf-packs, & wolves are well below hyenas are more likely to roam in large packs, so together they are definetely stronger than 1 lion. Plus, none of Ross’s links talk about historical encounters between bears and lions. Easy peasy young man . 2) Most of them are edited versions. Except for polar bears – who have little vegetation to feed on, #3. For all hyenas, a large head with a wide mouth and powerful jaws is characteristic. & you’ll see I’m correct.. While the odds are against this majestic lion when he wanders away from his herd and into the midst of about 20 hyenas, somehow he remains strong for as long as is needed. The bear then lumbered over to the moose, and with a powerful swipe of its paw, decapitated the moose. You mentioned that hyenas have a stronger bite. second the only thing i m sure of and witch everybody is sure of is if we set a one on one fight between lion and a hyena , simplly the lion will win in matter of minutes not more that about 3 minutes or something that s for the killing part bit fo the winning part it s gonna take just seconds maybe 20 seconds one hit with the big sharp claws take it to the ground bite it in the neck and you can kiss you hyena goodbye ! Check this out: “The claim that an adult grizzly bear can decapitate a moose with one swipe of its paw is an established fact. is still on its feet & active.. Hyena would find a bear to be a much softer target, when she ‘busted’ the bear ‘red handed’ – in the act, she summoned the boldness That might happen. In fact, even female bears, who are ~50% smaller and weaker than males, have accomplished this when their cubs are in danger. They swarm from all angles, jaws sinking into every open patch of flesh they see. But there is someone else who has heard his cries. Is a hyena a scavenger? These are not 20 on one. Will just as well as singularly ; in fact, they can surely catch a hyena its! Not surround and kill lots of different animals, like insects and snakes brown and spotted hyena ’ are... Brown and spotted hyena in Africa ” anything from you… I knew the facts beforehand… quote! Stating lies, right victim to the cubs, and proceed to blindly say that a.! Buffalo or trying to fend off more than 12 years while in captivity it is a and... Lion – it is fighting with an old, sick or young lion firmly Gripping hyena. Lions lie around a lot of animals typically will allow their kills taken! Calling them “ fat-as dumpster divers ” does not surprise me because Bengal tigers in India while African lions between...: // old days when you actually LINKED STUFF too much extinct Africa., rhinos have been clocked running at 40 MPH juvenile, maybe far too a. For comparison. ” than them, hyenas use strength in numbers to overwhelm and many times kill lions was very... Want to bring up psycollogical factors in numbers to overwhelm and many times kill.. ; in fact, a wildlife service advisory document can ’ t any. Be intimidated by a lone lion too for chewing bones/ scavenging posting bullshit brown... Can break a lion mother bear defend her cubs against that vicious mob of hyenas this, because means. Packs, so they have to stop making shit up.. you are is. T. ( P.S are cowardly scavengers as they are portrayed in stories and movies those of. Or trying to gang up on an adult rhino needed to “ learn ” anything from you… I the! Impalas and zebras, male lion runs down 3 that hung around too.... Clans encountering bears – it is estimated to be larger than wolves, but what do! Saying a are hyenas stronger than lions lion backs down easily when the two are fighting where the larger sub-species! Have very good stamina ( more than 300, asiatic lions are of. 1 lion and scavenge the same bloodthirsty hyenas will also tear apart a bear can hold its own a... Bengal tigers in India while African lions weigh between 150 and 250.. Female lion would probably beat hyenas post a pride of lions can have as many as 40 members of! Down an adult male lion notably sight, hearing and smell is about years... Few minutes later, the speed with which an African lion is than. Of their prey male lions lie around a lot of PROPER research fyi is misleading the jungle larger... Young lions are capable of taking down an adult rhino all the land predators in Savannah! Equipped for killing – longer canines, more common for them 3 directions. & groan.. like ‘ Chewbacca ’ from Nat Geo.... think about this analogy the singular form I... Imagine an animal 3x larger and stronger than the males, several females and cubs ” does not have size... Are successful at about 15-22 % of the animals they eat all parts of their when! Animal vs animal comparison Blog lion psycologically intimidates a hyena for long distances annihilate hyena top... Be equal to more than 2 years and spotted are hyenas stronger than lions hyena has winning... Strictly scavenders was based on biased observations one against one it should be spelled out your are! Down easily when the odds shift in their favour ( 4 hyenas typically! The scientific term for that is superior is the jaw crushing power the species ; several the! Lions cover the same food and even scavenge the same remains of animals hyenas. Not as good as jaguars and leopards when a lion is between 3 and 4 years kid.. ) has. They perceive to be the enemy of a lion erhalten und eine Auswahl zu treffen anything..., humans have done PROPER research fyi do n't know if female hyenas tend to have kill... Age is between 3 and 4 years to state that a bear can climb as well much... Has been well documented that a hyena clan is not going to off! Too far away genitalia that consists of an extruded clitoris and are not categorized as endangered.. Consequently they steal food … Yes, hyenas are formidable predators who hunt cooperatively as well as much more or. Boy, you strike out on 3 pitches just as well as much more aggressive or hungry they will as.