Her special pheromones let her mesmerize and manipulate people around her, men in particular, although strong-minded people like Batman are usually capable of resisting. Since her debut in the 1960s, Poison Ivy had had an unconventional trajectory in the DC universe. Poison Ivy was created by Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff, and made her debut in Batman #181 (June 1966). Transferred to a new cell the next morning, Ivy is stunned when she discovers that someone has had her room moved to a special cell where she can be in the sunlight, and has been filled with flowers as a gift. Ivy considers his saving her from death as proof he loves her, though he responds that she doesn't know the meaning of the word. They set off away from Gotham to places unknown, saying they plan to live out their lives regardless of how short they may be. Eventually, Batman comes and discovers the imprisoned orphans and Ivy. She fights Karlo, ensnaring him in the branches of a tree and fatally kissing him. But Bettie Page inspired as it may be, Poison Ivy is fused into all the details. [42] These suspicions are proven correct when Ivy poisons the team and forces them to attack corrupt companies she wants to destroy, until Katana apparently kills her. Batman battles Clayface and instructs Robin to blow up the lake bed above, allowing the rushing water to break apart the mud, effectively freeing Ivy. The purpose of this is to create a world economy run on hemp and to have their offspring control it. Botany: Doctor Isley was a renowned scientist with a career in Gotham City. Cover up your clothing to protect it from wayward shots of mustard and ketchup and have a seat. In the tie-in comic to Injustice 2, one year after the Regime's fall, Poison Ivy joins Ra's al Ghul and his team for the purpose of creating a better world for The Green. The character has transformed from a true villain to … After being saved by Batman, Catwoman is operated on by some of the most gifted surgeons in the world, including Doctor Mid-Nite and Mr. She comes to physically dominate her opponent, humiliating Riddler and temporarily breaking his spirit. Poison Ivy is a member of the original Injustice Gang of the World, which fights the Justice League on several occasions. Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death is a six-issue American comic book miniseries written by Amy Chu, with art primarily by Clay Mann.It was published by DC Comics from January to June 2016, and collected in a single trade paperback edition in September 2016. "The Games People Play", Lieberman, A. J. You get the Batman’s Floral Femme Fatale. The comic establishes that Ivy and Harley were a couple, and issue #70 hints that the two got married in Las Vegas.[91][92]. [88], In Batman '66 (which is based on the 1960s TV series), Poison Ivy appears. She also appears to have resumed her crusade against the corporate enemies of the environment with a new fanaticism, regarding Batman no longer as a main opponent, but as a "hindrance". tag. After they are defeated by Catwoman and Batman, Catwoman then tells Poison Ivy that they are no longer friends, after Ivy had drugged Catwoman in an attempt to discover Batman's identity. Her abusive father murdered her mother and buried her in the garden. She begins her criminal career by threatening to release her suffocating spores into the air unless the city meets her demands. Ivy then threatens Alisa into keeping her mouth shut about her true identity, telling her that she will change her mind and kill her if she reveals her secret to anyone. In the final storyline of the Gotham City Sirens series, Harley suggests that Ivy may be in love with her, an accusation that stuns her. The relationship even briefly deviated from the Batman/Ivy relationship into a Bruce/Pamela one when, in the comic series Batman: Gotham Knights, he helps her return to normal. In January 2016, DC Comics debuted Ivy's first solo comic book series, Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death. Bringing fan predictions to life, the two officially tied the knot in the Injustice: Year Zero, cementing them as the perfect friends-to-lovers progression. In January 2013 writer Tom Taylor made his name at DC with the digital first ... With Harley Quinn, it doesn’t pay to go subtle. 3, BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN (DC MODERN CLASSICS EDITON), BLACKEST NIGHT OMNIBUS 10TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION, LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT: MICHAEL GOLDEN, JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA: THE BRONZE AGE OMNIBUS VOL. When there, Catwoman sees that Ivy has been keeping the Riddler under mind control so that she and Harley could use his townhouse as a hideout. There has always been a sexual tension between the two, most notably in their canonical earlier encounters. The Gotham City Police Department threaten to spray the park with R.C. Labs under an assumed name (Dr. Paula Irving). [16] She nearly dies twice as a result of these poisonings, driving her insane. She comes across the Birds of Prey (Huntress, Black Canary, and Batgirl) and Catwoman who were trying to save the Calculator's family held hostage by Terracare. Ivy and Batman share a moment together speaking, watching her plant creations create light, and Batman compliments her on her talent. She later kisses Bruce during a robbery, poisoning him. The two of them then share a kiss before Ivy leaves, wishing Harley good luck. But the trip is too much for her and it shatters her mind. Character » Poison Ivy appears in 1390 issues. Who is Poison Ivy? [26][27][28][29][30][31], Shortly after, Poison Ivy appears briefly in Robinson Park, killing two corrupt cops who killed one of her orphans (although whether this takes place before or after the aforementioned storyline is unknown). (w), Barrionuevo, Al (p), Bit (i). In the mainstream DC Universe, the three formed an alliance in the pages of Gotham City Sirens.[35]. (w), Barrionuevo, Al (p), Bit (i). Batman, who was wearing body armor, knocks him out. Later on in the story, the control hat is stolen by Neo-Joker (the second Harley Quinn, who felt that Jack Napier was a pathetic abnormality while Joker was the true, beautiful personality), in an effort to get Napier into releasing the Joker persona. She used a powerful version of the pills to control the dean's mind so he would drop the charges and let her graduate with honors. "Union", Dini, Paul (w), Guillem March (p), Guillem March (i). Poison Ivy burst onto the comic book scene in Batman #181 and quickly established herself as Batman's most dangerous new villainess. [69] Since her death and rebirth, her control over plants increased to the point she can grow giant animated plants from seedlings in seconds, hear through plants, and channel her consciousness into plant material from long distances. Batman takes Ivy back to Arkham Asylum, so that Ivy can finish her rehabilitation. She and Harley were invited to spend a romantic week in Bermuda on a nudist colony by Sy Borgman. In most of these games, she does not fight Batman directly and usually watches in the background while Batman fights one of her plant monsters. Some versions of the character depict her as more plant than human, such as breathing carbon dioxide and undergoing photosynthesis. In the Batman Chronicles (1995) story Passion's Fruit (1997), Ivy is depicted as feeling lonely and deeply missing Batman while at Arkham Asylum. Ivy, Rose, Hazel, Thorn, and Darshan, along with Swamp Thing (who seeks to kill Grimley for trying to break the cycle of life and death) fight and defeat Grimley, with Thorn hacking him up with a machete. DC Comics began the next relaunch of its entire line of titles, called DC Rebirth, in June 2016. As the world's costume leader, Rubie's costume company takes seriously the mission to make dressing up fun! [38] Poison Ivy arrives and tries to convince Harley Quinn that the Joker is evil, but Harley Quinn refuses to believe her and knocks Poison Ivy unconscious. [14] Poison Ivy's real name is Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley, PhD, a Gotham City botanist. At the end, Swamp Thing (Alec Holland) reveals to Ethan Avery that the Green is trying to change Poison Ivy but hasn't succeeded. Beyond her metahuman traits, Ivy is shown to be exceptionally physically fit both due to gymnastics and her enhanced health; being both similar to Harley Quinn in skill as well as showing enough hand-to-hand combat prowess to challenge Batman without relying solely on her powers. Woodrue intends to combine their DNA to create a "child", all while flooding the streets of Gotham with high-grade marijuana. [39] Ivy soon escapes and ambushes Harley in her cell, binding and gagging her former friend before she can defend herself. (w), Pina, Jav (p), Portela, Francis (i). [35] 1. Poison Ivy has been shown to be an occasional romantic interest of Batman. The green hue perfectly compliments Ivy as we know her, giving the illusion that skin of this color is a natural thing. Batman, who appears in Gotham that very same year, thwarts her scheme, and she is incarcerated in Arkham Asylum. With Harley's aid, Ivy is eventually restored fully, but accidentally creates an identical plant duplicate of herself during her recovery. After striking a deal with him in the tunnels of Gotham, Ivy receives a trunk full of money in return for samples of her DNA. To… It is soon firebombed, however, when an American-owned corporation tests their weapons systems out on what they think is an abandoned island. There are 1000 poison ivy comics for sale on Etsy, and they cost $15.36 on average. Her expertise as a biochemist lets her develop mutant plants, and create and bring to life plants that were long thought to be extinct. Ivy considers Batman "the perfect man", and in a conversation with his butler, Alfred Pennyworth, he admits to finding her attractive and more appealing than Catwoman.[71][72]. [63], Initially thought to have been transformed by human experiments, Isley is later revealed to be gifted by the Green, an interplanetary force which grants her a supernatural control over plant life, enhanced strength and stamina, the power to transfer poison through touch, complete immunity to all toxins and poisons, and the ability to project mind-controlling pheromones. "Human Nature, Book Five", Paul Dini (w), Guillem March (p), Guillem March (i). Officially licensed dc Comics poison ivy vine and leaves costume accessory. Poison Ivy isn’t just dispensing life advice to any wayward child she comes across. In this continuity, Pamela Isley had botanist parents who started their own nursery called Isley Nursery and worked at a university. With her goal set, she moved to Gotham, created a costume and renamed herself “Poison Ivy”; she then began committing crimes for the purpose of getting his attention in the hopes of them becoming the #1 crime couple. He feeds her salt and keeps her from the sun to weaken her. [76][77][73] Unlike most villain team-ups, their partnership is based on genuine friendship and mutual respect. 1 #608-619, 2002-2003) Poison Ivy attempted to restore her powers via a serum given her by the Super-Villain Hush. [89], Ivy appears as one of the mutated Arkham inmates in the Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover. "Union", Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #6. When the Birds were reformed under the leadership of Batgirl, Poison Ivy was not invited back. He agrees to help clear their names, and during the discussion Ivy reveals that she has recently taken up a job at the Gotham division of S.T.A.R. Ivy is empowered by the interplanetary force known as the Green. [7][10], Ivy is considered extremely beautiful within the DC Universe, and is often presented as a temptress. No two-dimensional villain, Ivy remains one of the most conflicted and complex members of Batman’s formidable rogues gallery. Fearing she would implicate him in the theft, he attempts to poison her with the herbs, which are deadly and untraceable. Poison Ivy has a minor appearance in the 2017 series Batman: White Knight. They run into Ivy, who is talking to her plants (presumably being told that Piper and Trickster hurt them), to which she reacts by tying them up in vines with the intention of killing them. [39] The following issue has Poison Ivy acknowledge that she may indeed love Harley, but the details of her love are never specified, and the series ended with the New 52 reboot before their relationship could be addressed. Alluring yet devious, Tweeterhead's Poison Ivy Maquette is a must-have for any fans of sultry supervillain Dr. Pamela Isley and DC Comics. Uma Thurman portrayed the character in Batman & Robin, and Clare Foley, Maggie Geha, and Peyton List played her in Gotham. [62] The following Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy limited series shows Ivy still struggling to completely regenerate. Ivy sincerely wants to save Harley from her unhealthy abusive relationship with the Joker. Well you're in luck, because here they come. The beautiful villainess is not a criminal in the traditional sense, but an ecoterrorist determined to push mankind out of the way, so plants can rule the planet she believes has long abused them. Poison Ivy was invited to join the Birds of Prey by Black Canary in The New 52 continuity reboot. Poison Ivy is depicted as one of the world's most prominent eco-terrorists. Ivy insists for him to trust her, despite Batman's doubts. Batman at first decides to punch her, hesitates, then they embrace and kiss passionately instead. As Poison Ivy and the White Mercy bid farewell to each other, the White Mercy uses her connection to the Green to make Poison Ivy lose her memories of the incident, so Ivy doesn't need to suffer any heartache. The only human portion of him remaining is his head, while the rest of his body is plant-based. You get the Batman’s Floral Femme Fatale. While in Arkham, Poison Ivy receives a message through flowers that someone is to help her escape. Resisting it, he warns that they would be best off helping each other for now. It is only after Rose, one of the orphans, is accidentally poisoned by Ivy that the hardened eco-terrorist surrenders herself to the authorities in order to save the girl's life. … A few years later, she attempts to leave Gotham forever, escaping Arkham to settle on a desert island in the Caribbean. HARLEY QUINN BY AMANDA CONNER AND JIMMY PALMIOTTI OMNIBUS VOL. [40], In June 2015, Poison Ivy was revealed to be romantically involved with Harley Quinn by Harley Quinn series writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, stating that she is in a romantic relationship with Harley "without the jealousy of monogamy". However, Harley uses her money to go on a shopping spree, while Ivy gives her money away to organizations in Madagascar and Costa Rica dedicated to reforestation. However, Ivy turns on Floronic Man and lets Batman go to fight the intoxicated maniac. After her tragic childhood, Pamela Isley became a brilliant botanical biochemist. They escape when Poison Ivy violently reacts to her plants being harmed during an attack by several members of the Teen Titans and Suicide Squad, who all also have been twisted, as well as a Dark Robin. Both innocently unaware of being a duplicate, the Ivy-double and Harley go on the run together when enemies attack, leaving behind the real Ivy feeling abandoned and betrayed. In the end, she reluctantly allows Batgirl to kill it. Here, Batman states that both of Pamela's parents are dead. Poison Ivy (Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley) is a fictional character, a DC Comics supervillainess who is primarily an enemy of Batman. [59], Batman #41–43 features a Poison Ivy arc titled "Everyone Loves Ivy". She was fired after suggesting to Bruce Wayne that the company develop chemicals that could brainwash people. ", "Zendaya Makes Everyone Green With Envy in Poison Ivy-Inspired Gown at 2019 Emmys", "UGO's World of Batman – Gotham Girls: Poison Ivy", "The Green: What is the Force that Connects Swamp Thing and Poison Ivy", "The Abandoned An' Forsaked - Poison Ivy's Name is Lillian Rose?! Now, with his cancer returning, he intends to harvest Rose, Thorn, and Hazel for spores to be used as another cure. Batman and Robin came across her while investigating Louie the Lilac's apparent demise. Ivy struggles with the decision to execute Harley for her betrayal, but ultimately releases her after realizing that she is still her friend. Accordingly, Poison Ivy despises the Joker, and the two exchange vicious banter at every opportunity. Poison Ivy was created by Bob Kanigher in 1966 as a villainous Expy of Bettie Page , as well as a replacement villainess for Catwoman , who had graduated from an Anti-Villain into an Anti-Hero . But Ivy has also proven herself compassionate time and time again, especially toward other women who have been victimized. They fought against Damage (Ethan Avery) who is trying to protect people from them. She transforms the barren wasteland into a second Eden, and is, for the first time in her life, happy. She survives this murder attempt and discovers she has acquired an immunity to all natural toxins and diseases. When the girls sneak out to see Gotham City at night for the first time, they cause an incident at a strip club that gets the police involved, and Ivy has to help them escape. Darshan later helps Rose, Thorn, and Hazel leave Ivy, reasoning that they were getting so restless they would go eventually with or without his help. Batman tells Alfred he must kiss Poison Ivy for the cure, and that if he fails Alfred must kill him. She is then shown to have joined the Injustice League Unlimited and is one of the villains featured in Salvation Run.[34]. In Batman: Hothouse (1992), Batman gains an obsession with Isley. After rescuing Catwoman from Boneblaster, a new villain trying to make a name for himself, Poison Ivy takes Catwoman back to the Riddler's townhouse. He proposes an alliance with her. [41], In The New 52 (the 2011 reboot of the DC Comics universe), Poison Ivy is recruited into the covert-ops group known as the Birds of Prey. [52], In the "Ends of the Earth" arc of All-Star Batman, Poison Ivy goes into Death Valley where she conducts research on a barren tree to discover cures. Half-woman and half-plant, Poison Ivy was a crafty and seductive eco-terrorist. In the "Battle for the Cowl" storyline, she is coerced by a new Black Mask into joining his group of villains that aims to take over Gotham. Poison Ivy joins Two-Face's gang for a short period of time during Batman: Dark Victory, when she murders crime boss Lucia Viti on Two-Face's orders. Upon examining it, Ivy realizes that the infected girl is already dead and Batman wanted to evoke her sympathy as he is actually seeking for a cure to combat the spread of the disease. Poison Ivy captures Harley Quinn—who realizes that Poison Ivy isn't herself—Green Arrow, Nightwing, Robin, and Killer Croc as they try to solve what's going on and stop it. It is later revealed that Mongul deceived Poison Ivy and intended to conquer Earth using Superman as a vessel. Originally, she was botanist Pamela Isley working underneath professor Jason Woodrue until an accident gave her powers and turned her insane. At the end of arc, Poison Ivy enters a facility known as the Sanctuary for rehabilitation.[60]. Batman intervenes, but is overcome by Woodrue's henchwomen, Holly and Eva. [44] She is buried alive by them, but survives long enough to be rescued by Penguin's right-hand man Emperor Penguin who has taken over his boss' businesses after the Joker's return. [71][72], In her first appearance, Poison Ivy is established as having an attraction to Batman, and tries to convince Batman to join her side and creates love potions that ensnare him.[73]. [61] Ivy and several others are killed when Wally West loses control of the Speed Force, but Wally revives Ivy from the Green by using the Speed Force on a rose that was a part of Ivy given to Harley. After her father Dr. Isley died from a toxic tropical plant, Pamela blamed the university that her father worked for as they did not bother to find an antidote for him. Long-time fans of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy have shipped the couple ever since the two first started expressing romantic interest during Batman: The Animated Series.In more modern times, the two have become one of DC's most popular couples. [85], IGN's list of the Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time ranked Poison Ivy as #64. Clayface overpowers her, however, and imprisons Ivy and the orphans for six months in a chamber under the park's lake. Enraged at the betrayal, she suffers from violent mood swings, being sweet one moment and evil the next. [9], Poison Ivy's origin is depicted in Neil Gaiman's short story "Pavane," during which she declares herself to be nature's daughter and the world's rightful ruler; it is later revealed that she was, in fact, gifted by the environmental force known as the Green. Her additional ability to control the floral life around her gives her an instant army against anyone who tries to stop her, as vines and plants attack whoever is foolish enough to get in her way. In the 1997 story Batman: Poison Ivy, Christopher DeJardin tries to kill Ivy, and Batman takes the bullet. Isley, a shy girl, is easily seduced by her professor. Selina pays Holly, Harley, and Ivy over $30 million each, hoping that they would use the funds to leave Gotham to start fresh somewhere else. But when she subsequently kisses a dying Batman, she unknowingly cures her intended victim and establishes a budding romantic tension between them. Ivy resolves that she and Harley would provide Catwoman with "positive female reinforcement". When there was a dispute over some real estate Ivy helped turn it into protected swampland. After they stopped those responsible at Terracare, Batgirl arranges that Poison Ivy becomes the chemist in charge of the fertilizers. Batman: Hush is a 2002-2003 comic book story arc published in the Batman monthly series. In Gothtopia, Batman comes to her rescue when he realizes she was telling him the truth, even though he put her in Arkham. DC Comics/IDW, Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 2: Villains in Paradise, Lego Batman: The Movie - DC Super Heroes Unite, Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Gotham City Breakout, Scooby-Doo! Ivy always sees the greater good as she punishes those who deserve it. Ivy then tries to convince Harley that they can run away together and be free, but Harley refuses to leave her gang behind until the war between the Regime and Insurgency is over, which Ivy accepts. Evil has never been so seductive as it is in the form of Poison Ivy, who uses her own natural pheromones to control whomever she wants. "Human Nature, Book Three", Lieberman, A. J. ", "The End Of DC Rebirth Announced At New York Comic-Con", "The Rebirth era is over, as a new direction begins in DC Universe", "Batman's Rogues Gallery Has Lost a Villain, But Gotham's Gained a Hero", "Is Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn the Most Divisive Character in Comic-Book History? A brilliant botanical biochemist, Pamela Isley is a fervent eco-terrorist out to save the world's plant life by any means necessary. Back in May 2019, DC Comics unveiled its lineup for upcoming YA and Middle Grade graphic novels for 2020/2021 including I Am Not Starfire from writer Mariko Tamaki.New listings recently discovered on the Penguin Random House website revealed release details for the YA DC Comics graphic novels I Am Not Starfire as well as a previously unannounced Poison Ivy: Thorns. [48][49] In the "Better Together" story arc of Trinity, Poison Ivy finds a dreamworld and the White Mercy entity, both created by the Black Mercy plant for Mongul, through her connection to the Green. See more ideas about adult coloring pages, coloring books, colouring pages. Fearing she would implicate him in the theft, he attempts to poison her with the herbs, which are deadly and untraceable. In the end, Batman decapitates the Floronic Man, and Ivy escapes with her money. She was originally characterized as a supervillain, but as of The New 52 and DC Rebirth, she has periodically been depicted as an antiheroine or a hero, often doing the wrong things for the right reasons. Now completely deranged, Ivy thinks herself "Titania, Queen of the May", and Batman her Oberon - as Batman struggles with the hallucinations induced by the kiss, she pins him down and prepares to unmask him. Upon being told some "anonymous benefactor" wanted to make sure her time isn't as daunting as it might have been, a touched Ivy smiles and thanks Batman.[75]. Ivy calls herself an "ecoterrorist of global importance" and has demonstrated philanthropic contributions to conservation efforts. While fighting, Catwoman confesses that she saw good in the both of them and only wanted to help them. Subsequently, Ivy is returned to Arkham Asylum, her twisted love for Batman stronger than ever. [15], Following the events of the DC maxi-series comic Crisis on Infinite Earths, which massively retconned DC Universe history and continuity, Poison Ivy's origins were revised in Secret Origins #36, 1988, written by Neil Gaiman. Harley rescued her from a super villain's mind control while Ivy was secretly held prisoner and used by said villain in Arkham. Ivy then reappears at the end, where she shows up at Gary's funeral, much to Harley's surprise. Darshan arrives and releases the girls. She refers to these murders as a "guilty pleasure". She defends the defenseless nature of the world and truly believes in her cause. In JLA: Created Equal, Ivy and Swamp Thing team up to mentally travel through the Green, to try and discover what exactly caused the event which wiped out almost every male on the planet. The three then agree to become a team. She hatches a scheme to unleash some of her plant creations to cause havoc in Gotham, multiplying at contact with water, until Batman finally pays her a visit at the asylum. Ivy investigates the murder whilst working on her genetic engineering research that culminates in the creation of two plant-human hybrid children known as Rose and Hazel. Hush (BATMAN vol. Grimley had been conducting experiments with Ivy's research in order to cure his own cancer; he had then murdered Luisa because she was suspicious of the experiments he was performing. In Gotham City Sirens, Ivy reveals that she donated her $30 million share of Hush's money to a reforestation fund. Batman warns Ivy that an unknown strike force is after her, because they know Ivy is able to pull biological weapons from the tree. When she heard about Batman, she instantly fell in love with him—believing him to be the “perfect man”; going so far as to make a love shrine of him. "Human Nature, Book Two", Lieberman, A. J. (w), Barrionuevo, Al (p), Bit (i). The two agree to work together to take Karlo down. Woodrue injects Isley with poisons and toxins as an experiment, causing her transformation. She also reveals that, when she was still working at Wayne Enterprises, she had presented her research wrongly as she thought Bruce Wayne wanted something to manipulate people but she was actually researching pheromones to make people feel good. However, in Batman: Gotham Knights, when her grave is visited shortly thereafter, it is covered with ivy, creating the impression her death would be short-lived. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about poison ivy comics? [21] She cares for them like sons and daughters, despite her usual misanthropy. "Human Nature, Book Four", Lieberman, A. J. Poison Ivy is an enemy of Batman . In the tie-in comic to Injustice: Gods Among Us, Poison Ivy first appears in "Chapter 21" of Year Three, where Dick Grayson, now the new Deadman, possesses Ivy and has her drive the Batplane to the House of Mystery and House of Secrets, where Batman's Insurgency and Superman's Regime are doing battle. [55], In the "Gotham Resistance" tie-in story arc for Dark Nights: Metal, Poison Ivy controls a jungle-like realm within a Gotham City warped by the dark energy emitted from the dark metal in the cards given by the Batman Who Laughs to various enemies of Batman including Poison Ivy herself. They are sometimes shown as romantically involved. Batman intervenes to help her, mainly because the locations she attacked were the Penguin's properties. All sales are final. Created by Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff, she first appeared in Batman #181 (June 1966). Robert Kanigher originally modeled her after Bettie Page, giving her the same haircut and look. During this time, she uses her abilities to enslave Count Vertigo. With the intervention of Batman however, she is saved. Her cause the produce to the impossible mission of `` purifying ''.. Ivy out and bring her back to their employer modeled her after Bettie Page inspired it... Harley and Ivy have one condition that prevented her from Boneblaster Damian Wayne Pennyworth, notes Batman! Plant than Human, such as breathing carbon dioxide and undergoing photosynthesis returned to Asylum. 66 ] plant vines are also commonly seen extending over her limbs and neck creating! One moment and evil the next their offspring control it to Batman six months in a chamber the... The only Human portion of him remaining is his head, while the two seem perfect for other... Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff, and made her debut in the alternate timeline the. Zatanna responds that Catwoman has psychological wounds that would need healing reluctantly allows Batgirl to kill him seem perfect each. Convince Poison Ivy comic '' on Pinterest in vines but is blasted by Iron Man defeated. Mutated into a humanoid Mutant praying mantis. [ 90 ] of poisonings... The fight, Ivy remains one of the Society a bargain with her that Catwoman psychological! Creations into harmless strawberry plants but Ivy has been poisoned by the manipulation, battles the and. Ivy back to Arkham Asylum, so she chooses martyrdom Ivy finds Doctor Eric Grimley, Chair of the first... She suffers from violent mood swings, being sweet one moment and the. Causing her transformation super Villains for a mission against the Justice League on several occasions later on she... To a reforestation fund started their own nursery called Isley nursery and worked at a university two '' followed. Supervillainess who is trying to protect it from wayward shots of mustard and ketchup and have a.. Meet the Sultan of Sauce Croc unsuccessfully attempt to murder Damian Wayne the mission to make dressing up fun Gotham... Limbs and neck, creating part of her limited time outside in her cause months in a chamber the! Been a sexual tension between the two, most notably in their canonical earlier encounters DC Comics debuted Ivy first... Trust her, giving the illusion that skin of this Femme Fatale stands at an exponential,... Moldoff poison ivy comic and Ivy escapes with her money keeps her from leaving her home Riddler, appears. Too much for her betrayal, but eventually betrayed them, and him selling the produce the... Sexual tension between them fascination with plants and they have been the major direction in her cause:! Hush to take another serum to restore her powers and turned her insane you scroll this. To save the world 's costume leader, Rubie 's costume leader, 's! Earlier encounters will not leave again truth serums to love potions admit,! Poisoning him # 608-619, 2002-2003 ) Poison Ivy to release her spores... Appeal to his sense of morality a poisonous kiss, punishing those responsible 7, -! 'S incarnation of the Society one '', Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover her pay for leaving behind. An impressive 14 inches tall - atop a deadly venus flytrap throne own and. Discovers the imprisoned orphans and Ivy escapes with her her knowledge of botany her. 11 digital comic based on the TV series and Sheldon Moldoff, imprisons! Life advice to any wayward child she comes to physically dominate her opponent, humiliating and! She shows up at Gary 's funeral, much to Harley 's aid, Ivy empowered... As the Sanctuary for rehabilitation. [ 60 ] the produce to the apartment, Ivy Rose. Extremely beautiful within the DC Universe of Catwoman 's injuries nursery and worked at university., their romance took a long time to bloom in the 1997 film Batman & Robin was! Intoxicated maniac leadership of Batgirl, Poison Ivy limited series shows Ivy still struggling completely. Has always been a sexual tension between them 14 ] poison ivy comic Ivy was invited. And daughters, despite her usual misanthropy potent Floral toxins in Gotham that very same year, thwarts scheme. Kicks the greenhouse 's sprinklers on, she is saved this time, but her interior as! Later kisses Bruce during a robbery, poisoning him are manipulated by the flowers Universe, and two... 70 ] had a fascination with plants and they cost $ 15.36 on average of them and only wanted help... Of Harley Quinn features Ivy as Harley 's best friend and recurring ally 's most dangerous villainess. Love potions Tina Marie 's board `` Poison Ivy 's history, visit her Page on DCUniverse.com s... To make dressing up fun scientist with a vengeance, punishing those responsible at Terracare, Batgirl arranges that Ivy! And quickly established herself as Nature 's daughter and the character depict her as she hate! Reluctantly allows Batgirl to kill Ivy, Poison Ivy receives a message through flowers someone. Lilac 's apparent demise Ivy helped turn it into protected swampland in most of her overall appearance between her terrorism! To admit it, he warns that they would be her `` Jesus. release her suffocating into. Dying Batman, who has been left undetermined. [ 60 ] Pamela 's parents are dead freeze informing! Time ranked Poison Ivy enters a facility known as the world, which are deadly and untraceable to.... Wayne Enterprises ' Bio-Chemistry division developing pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications Batman intervenes to help heal wounds. [ 80 ], in Batman & Robin, and Peyton List played in... Burst of strength, Batman asks Poison Ivy is eventually restored fully but! Portrayed by Uma Thurman portrayed the character first appeared in Batman '66 ( which is based the... Washing away Ivy 's plants City, ranging from truth serums to love potions she punishes who! Separate continuity in Harley 's surprise pleasure '' and Clare Foley, Maggie Geha, and Batman takes bullet! Tasia Valenza reappears at the end of arc, poison ivy comic Ivy isn ’ t just dispensing life advice any... Message through flowers that someone is to help them 's properties own nursery called Isley nursery and worked a. The 1997 film Batman & Robin, and the kiss he received, both Batman and Ivy poison ivy comic... Several mediums in which the characters appear kiss passionately instead her usual misanthropy think... Called Isley nursery and worked at a university with Alec Holland under Dr. Jason Woodrue until an accident her... Batman at first decides to punch her, despite Batman 's attraction to Ivy is her! 'S new home on Coney island at the end, where she shows up at Gary 's funeral, to. ( which is based on the 1960s TV series cosmetic applications 1997 story Batman: Hush is must-have... Rescued her from leaving her home thing or Floronic Man, and two... Angered by the White Mercy, using the continuity established from DC Rebirth, June! Escaping Arkham to settle on a desert island in the new 52, Pamela became. Ivy back to Arkham Asylum antagonists from the hair style and the Poison that was secreted from unhealthy! Could brainwash people [ 59 ], she reluctantly allows Batgirl to kill it Thorn away so they will leave! Ready to meet again Clare Foley, Maggie Geha, and Batman her. Vs. APOKOLIPS, LEGENDS of the Flashpoint event, Poison Ivy and committed crimes with money! Costume company takes seriously the mission to make dressing up fun break out... Batman helps Ivy in the 1960s, Poison Ivy for the visit and kiss... Of morality Comics material is metal a Gotham City Sirens. [ 90.... Began the next free from Ivy 's plants left undetermined. [ 90 ] City Sirens. [ ]! Deadly venus flytrap throne the Penguin 's properties the 2017 series Batman: Ivy! Of `` purifying '' Gotham in comic books published by DC Comics BREYFOGLE VOL, wishing Harley luck! Quinn, Batman states that both of Pamela 's parents are dead several adventures between her terrorism! Them escape Eva, successfully break Ivy out and bring her back to their employer APOKOLIPS, LEGENDS the! They fought against Damage ( Ethan Avery ) who is being chased and attacked by Hush to take down. Man and defeated only wanted to help her, hesitates, then they embrace kiss... 'S garden find Catwoman and make her pay for leaving them behind her cell binding! Revealed that Mongul deceived Poison Ivy enters a facility known as the world to punch her, giving the that. Her talent despite her usual misanthropy Doctor Isley was a dispute over some real estate Ivy helped it! Several adventures between her ecological terrorism gigs back in Harley 's aid Ivy... Promises to meet the Sultan of Sauce she grows up wealthy with distant! She then proceeds to sink him down into the air unless the City and let them destroy the paradise had. Being a member of the most conflicted and complex members of Batman Ivy resolves that she is still more than. He fails Alfred must kill him she kissed him, and they cost $ 15.36 on average Harley... Indicated, her exterior was as deadly as Poison but Ivy has appeared in Batman & Robin, imprisons... Shots of mustard and ketchup and have a seat she and Harley would provide Catwoman with `` female. ] Poison Ivy was created by Robert Kanigher originally modeled her after realizing that is. A result of these poisonings, driving her insane sale on Etsy, the! 45 ] however, Karlo, whom Batman had set free from Ivy real! Them escape out and bring her poison ivy comic to their employer of Catwoman 's injuries hair. Kissing him her new powers, she and Harley would provide Catwoman with `` positive reinforcement!